Find And Secure Your Happy – [ Free Printable ]

5 easy ways to find and secure your happy! Get out of your own way, and get your phenomenal back!

5 Ways To Find And Secure Your Happy

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with our problems, and fall into a creative and an emotionally draining slump. That has been me for the past couple of weeks. So after a few weeks of no productivity, and a week of abusing The Food Network via Netflix, I began to brainstorm and dig through my past and current tools that immediately give my creative and happy levels a boost.

My affirmations. My meditation sessions. My gratitude lists. The works.

I found all of my feel good tricks and put them into a list (placed on post-it of course) and decided I would practice them as much as I could remember to. You know, to get back into the groove of things. To get my phenomenal back.

And because I know I am not the only one that has a few low energy moments, I decided to put together a printable that others can reference too! It’s not much, but it is the reminder we all need to be thankful and fearless, to sometimes be self-serving while we own our differentness, and to always, and I mean always, be phenomenal!

Hope it benefits you!



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