Reader Question: Balancing Your Passions

Hey Yetti,

I started to follow your blog earlier this year and I really like your honesty. You always kind of seem on the go, busy with lots off stuff.  How do you balance your passions out? I have so many goals I want to conquer, a few are large ongoing projects. How do you make time for them all!

Oh, and before I forget, your “Extra Dose” newsletter is now a part of my Saturday morning Me Time ritual! Can’t wait for the next!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Damilola or Dami


Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for letting me be apart of Saturday morning ritual! If we’re being completely honest here (as usual), I don’t think I balance my passions very well. Running an organization, blogging and the other things I still have up my sleeve, all require a lot of dedicated time, and I struggle quite a bit in giving each jewel it’s time to shine. But one thing that never waivers is understanding each passion’s purpose, and understanding how much I can give to any project.

It’s pretty much true when people say, if you want it bad enough, you will find away, and I kind of live by that rule. Here are few tips that I can say I follow, and hopefully it’ll help you too!

Keep you goal and vision close to you at all times. It’s what keeps me going when I am up late finishing graphics and concepts for an event. It was drives me to blog about difficult encounters. I may not have a system down for the balancing act yet, but my goals and visions are a solid act. They’re often visited and tweaked but they are the foundation to all of my hard-work. The engine to it’s power. A few tips for keeping your vision in the forefront are creating vision boards, or mantras for the goal/project. If you’re a simple gal, or short on time like I am, I usually just keep a little post-it near me that reminds me of why I am doing what I am, even though it’s etched into my mind also.

Have you met my pet? My Erin Condren planner

Get yourself a schedule. Just as homework needs to be completed or deadlines in the office need to be met, so does the work of your passions. Understand that a passion is essentially an enjoyable job. You need to treat it as such. Your vision will not work, if you do not work. I try to carve out time throughout my day and weekend of when I will work on something. I’m a type-a human being. I need structure. Agendas and sticky notes are my friends. To-Do lists are my accountability buddies. Together, Yetti stays one organized and sane girl.

But just as I schedule work time, I schedule downtime and sanity breaks. We need those too! After putting on my last Certified 10 event, I realized how badly I neglected my blog duties, so this time around I have planned a few more blog posts and will be inviting bloggers to guest post the week of the event. Now the blog will not dry up, and I will relieve myself of some stress! Oh… and I squeezed in vacation time… just like I do my day job!

Ask for help. I think the last important thing you can do while juggling your passion-load (see what I did there?!) is not being afraid to ask for help. From asking people to participate, to simply bouncing ideas off of another individual, it helps to relieve the stress and burden of doing everything on your own. Build a network of people you trust with you passion, your baby. Let them step in to help when there is a chance. Share your passion-load, and build your passion’s reach and visibility at the same time.

I avoided my typical burnout after an event because my friend and roommate took over the reigns of event coordinator. She shared some of the insanity with me. My best friend has always been the keeper of my ideas whether near or far. She helps me shape them into something doable, and gives me feedback I never would have come up with on my own. My two guy friends, Greg and David, help me view things in bite size mode instead of the entire empire I’m low-key trying to build. Asking for help is never the easiest thing to do, but when received well, it’s one of the keys to success.

Dami, I hope these tidbits help some. I’m rooting for you, and your long-term projects. Do keep me posted.


P.S. I was actually in the midst of preparing a post about asking for help when I got your email last week! Talk about perfect timing, and the universe knowing that I was taking my sweet Jesus time on getting this post together.



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