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I first came across Alexis Belon’s website about nine or ten years ago when I first began blogging. There’s something about her posts and words that resonated with me that eagerly made me want to keep up with her musings. She has now expanded her means of sharing with the world from blogging to a YouTube channel! Check out this Phenomenal Beauties responses below, and don’t forget to hope on over to‘Infinity and Belon’ too!



So I’m positive I have been reading your work since my late high-school days, and I truly am a fan of your words and honesty. One thing that comes to mind when I think of you is confident. Can you share a time where you self-esteem was lacking? Is this something you have actively worked on to build?
It’s interesting that you mention ‘confidence’ in regards to my raw honesty because a lot of it can be pretty self-deprecating. But that in itself is the utmost confidence, you know? The ability to publicly allow myself to be raw and vulnerable and flawed as opposed to just using the internet to present a picture-perfect facade. In that way, I’d say my confidence comes from sharing. When the general response to my blogs were, ‘I feel that way too’, the idea that I wasn’t alone in these thoughts, but in fact connected with everyone, bought me solace and allowed me to accept every part of me that I once shunned. It’s all my human experience.

But don’t get it fucked up, there are times I can’t even edit a video because I can’t stand the sight of myself. There are days when I wake up feeling like a rock star and others when I avoid mirrors and scales at all costs. It’s a constant battle. And I’m not sure I ever even want to reach a point where I feel one set way about myself. I like to feel the full spectrum because it helps me improve. I don’t want to be the best version of myself. I just want to be the truest version of myself.

What made you decide to open up a blog, and continue blogging and now vlogging throughout the years? How do you go about preserving your self-esteem while sharing your life through these blog-posts and youtube videos? Where do you draw the line?
I suppose I started out of a need to self express and it just kept growing from there. The vlogs started when my grandma’s alzheimer’s started accelerating and it made me want to document my because I was so scared I’d forget it all like I was watching her do. Like I said, the self-esteem thing swings back and forth. Sure, opting to live in the public eye takes a certain amount of confidence but there are also a lot of videos and blog posts that get deleted or never even go up out of sheer insecurity. The most important thing for me, in my journey for self growth, is to acknowledge those feelings, accept that they’re human and most of the time, temporary.

Have you ever received a blow to your self-esteem or self-worth from a blogging experience? How do you deal with the negativity that may take place within your comments or on social media?
Honestly, you’ve got be a downright masochist to embark on the cruel world of blogging and YouTube because they will certainly try to break your spirit. Every time I got over one insecurity, they’d point out something new that I should hate about myself. And I fell for it every time. Until I realized how empty a person has got to be inside to seek fulfillment in bringing others down. Now I just feel sorry for them. I draw the line when it comes to my friends & family though. Any negative comments about them get deleted and reported as spam immediately.

Your post, “Because Sometimes I Need To Be Ravished,” was raw and real. You delved into a topic most women will never dare to touch on their blogs. Do you think it’s important that women be open and self-aware in terms of their sexuality in order to truly love themselves?
I don’t think women have to necessarily be as open as I am, unless they feel compelled to, but self-awareness when it comes to your sexuality is definitely key. In fact, that’s the entire reason I’m starting to write posts like that. I’m trying to understand my own.

What words of advice would you share with your 16-year-old self about self-esteem, self-worth, and of course, the art of blogging?
You know what’s worse than all of the insecurities that currently make you recluse? Looking back with regret at all the times you didn’t do something because you felt too fat or too ugly. As for blogging, stop deleting everything! So many gems you’ve sent to the trash!

What’s next for you and where can we find you?
I’m actually working on a book but it’s too soon to spill the beans. For now, just catch me sporadically whining and ranting on my blog or on my day-in-the-life web series “Infinity and Belon” every.

Alexis Belon is a New York based writer, visual artist, & lifestyle influencer with a prominent presence on social media. Most known for the weekly youtube series that chronicles her journey, ‘Infinity and Belon’, her fearless sense of style and the profound gonzo journalism on her blog , Alexis’ influence over digital culture is undeniable.


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  1. Uhh, Alexis might be my new favorite. That realism, that bravery, that hair!

    I will say that I take some issue with this line: “I don’t want to be the best version of myself. I just want to be the truest version of myself.” I know that what she means my “I don’t want to be the best version of myself” is that she doesn’t want to be some white-washed, prettified, hide-all-the-bad-stuff version of herself – that we’re all dirty & damaged, & that that’s OK. But I want to be the truest AND the best version of myself – not in a pretty, Pinterest-worthy, look-how-perfect-my-fake-life-is way that I’ve cultivated for the Internet, but in a way where I’m being honest with myself & others, even when I mess up or sort of suck. That’s the truest version – which, I would argue, is the very best version.

    1. I’d agree, actually.

      And I’m honored to be listed with the likes of a blogger like yourself :]

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