A Prescription for your heart + Soul

The Okan RX Experience

A mind, body, and spirit-led experience designed to deep dive into your unique soul.
Experience and receive a bespoke self-care routine with a prescription of soul-care practices and products curated to your needs and your up-leveling.
It all begins with a 1:1 session. 

Because you can’t bubble bath yourself to wellness.

(Trust me, I’ve tried…)

While I’m all for indulging in self-luxuries, we both know that bubble baths aren’t cutting it when it comes to figuring out how to love your damn self.

The OkanRX Experience is a gift to you on your journey of self-love that is rooted in the deeper work of figuring out who you are and how to honor your personal needs.

The reality is that self-care is not one-size fits all because, well, it’s personal.

When we take the self-care experience and customize it to your needs, your practice grows deeper.

In this experience, we do the deep work starting with a 1:1 session.


The Session

These 60-75 minute sessions are where the magic happens. We deep dive into your unique soul’s needs through either an in-depth energy reading or coaching session.


The Deck

Based on this session, 30 unique affirmations will be curated to heal and nourish your soul and turned into your customized deck.


The RX

To accompany the 1:1 soul session and customized affirmation deck, you’ll also receive a prescription self-care routine along with ethically sourced products to support it.

What She Said:

Everything Included in Your Okan RX Experience:

  • 60-75-minute session (either an energy reading or a coaching consultation) conducted via Zoom.
  • A recording of your session.
The okan rx Self-Care Package that Includes*:
  • Custom-made 30-card deck with affirmations inspired by what we unearthed in our session
  • YettiSays “prescription” that lists out what to focus on for this current season of life as well as practices and activities to incorporate into your daily routine 
  • Handwritten love note from yours truly 
  • 1-3 crystals hand-selected for your individual emotional health and healing 
  • Bath salts or a shower steamer: Reiki charged and packed with herbs that possess healing properties related to what you’re most needing support with
  • Box/jar of matches
  • Ethically sourced sage bundle 
  • Carrying pouch for cards 
  • Display stand for your daily affirmation card pull
  • One 15-minute follow-up call to discuss how to integrate your package into your self-care routine 

Supports and Insights You May Receive:

  • Clarity on what’s impacting your healing and personal growth
  • Messages and guidance from spirit guides and ancestors/past relatives
  • Insight into your purpose and what your soul was called here to do in this lifetime
  • Support with knowing how to ascend to the next part of your life’s journey
  • Guidance on how to tap into and restore your connection to your intuition 
  • Help with implementing a self-care routine that honors and serves your current desires and needs



$887 paid in full or
2 monthly payments of $443.50

Want just the custom-made affirmation deck?
It’s offered here!


Yetti’s decks have become an integral part of my daily self-care and self-love routine.

My customized “UNTAMED Melanie” deck has taken this practice to the next level! Yetti’s energy reading was spot on, highlighting the messages and mantras that I need to hear in order to keep showing up as myself – wild and free – today and always. The final product is absolute magic, as you’ll come to expect from all things YS, but the entire experience is an investment that I simply cannot recommend enough!

– Melanie Glassford


My deck from Yetti is one of my favorite things.

She has tapped into my energy and written the words I need to hear often.

– Ashleigh Owens

“This sounds cool and all, but who the hell are you?”

You’re right boo, it’s about time I introduced myself—I’m Yetti.

Although I only started calling myself a “self-love coach” recently, I’ve been trying to figure out self-love for a long time. What I’ve learned is that self-love is a never-ending journey one on which you’re constantly evolving and reassessing what exactly it looks like to love yourself now that you’ve gone and changed again.

I created this experience because I couldn’t find any self-care that wasn’t a one-size-fits-all or anyone who was offering a personalized, soul-care experience based on what I needed right then. 

I created this experience because it’s something I’d like to receive. 

And lastly, I created this experience because I want you and every other woman to feel the freedom of finally accepting, loving, and honoring your true self. 

What She Said:


An energy reading is for those comfortable tapping into their intuitive and spiritual side. We go through chakra points and energy centers, allowing whatever to come up as it likes. Often, in these sessions, I receive messages from your ancestors and past relatives that I communicate to you. 

The energy reading is conducted the same way as a coaching session. However, before our reading, I meditate to open myself up. As we walk through your energy centers and chakras during our call, I share the thoughts I’m hearing from you and the messages I’m receiving, whether that be from ancestors, past relatives, or your energy itself. The key difference between the coaching session and the energy reading is that the reading tends to follow its own flow as we allow messages to come and go. Coaching sessions are more structured and led by the answers you give to the questions I ask.

After your reading or coaching session, you will receive your self-care package and your hand-written Ọkán RX “prescription” in the mail after 6-8 weeks. It seems like a long ass time, but that’s because everything in your package is custom made which takes time to gather and ship (especially with recent shortages).

Absolutely. You can purchase a customized deck here! This deck will not include a 1:1 session with me or any self-care services or products outside of your customized deck.

There are no refunds offered for this experience.

All products are sourced from small, women-owned businesses that are spiritual-based. I won’t say it for certain until I have seen the production of something myself, but most of these products are sustainably produced.

Yes! Here are the three ways we can continue working together on your self-love journey:

  • One-time coaching session – 75 minutes, $247 
  • 3 months of coaching with 1:1 sessions every other week – $1997
  • 6 months of coaching with 1:1 sessions every other week – $3887

If you’re interested in coaching, shoot an email to yetti@yettisays.com!

Ọkán means heart, soul, and consciousness within the Yoruba language.

A loving, self-care experience tailored to you that sees your soul, empathizes with your struggles, and gifts you with what you need as you are