NYC 101: Intro To Yetti’s Survivial Guide


Roughly 50% of me emails are about life in NYC and how am I adjusting. I think it actually began with my “Hey, I live in NYC” post, and since then a few of you that are looking to move have asked for a few tips here and there. Well here it is folks! With a few friends, I am putting together a new post series dedicated to surviving new york city as a twenty-something-year old. I’m talking blog posts and videos on anything and everything you will need from the subway, to shopping, to eating, and even techniques of dodging a crazy.

But before I dig in, I wanted to give you my top 7 need-to-knows if you’re considering the city. Not only that, I want to open up the blog (as always) to specific questions you may have on living in the “concrete jungle”. I promise to give you the good and the bad, and hopefully this will help you on your possible journey into the city.

7 Need-to-Knows About Living in the City

  1. New York is expensive. Whether it is a trip or you’re planning to move, plan accordingly. Rent is expensive, grocery stores are expensive, hell… even fast food can be expensive. I noticed this right away when I went to buy basics: Cereal, soap, and milk. In little old Rhode Island, all of that could’ve been purchased for roughly $10. I spent $15.62 that day in grocery store buying those three items. I reiterate… the city is not cheap.
  2. Prepare to be amazed. There are so few dull moments in the city, it’s hard to honestly be bored. There is always something to do (even free things!). The summer there are free concerts in central park, festivals, and yoga in Bryant Park. During the winter you can experience winter wonderland and ice skating, christmas at Rockefeller center and um… Macy’s is open 24 hours a day!
  3. It’s competitive. Career-wise. Majority of the people I meet are striving to be great, they’re ambitious, they’re driven, and sometimes it really can be intimidating. You’re not the only person out here thinking like you, that’s pushing hard to be someone that makes a difference in our world.
  4. Know your surroundings. Going somewhere that isn’t necessarily your scene or turf? Ask around, plan accordingly with transportation. Moving from one borough to another, look into it a little while longer. It’s so easy to get lost here, yet so easy to not to. Once you live here, NYC is pretty easy to navigate, but for a visitor? Ehh not so much.
  5. New Yorkers aren’t so nice. Majority of my friends here are not from the city. I receive very few “please” and “thank you” statements here in the city, and if you’re walking too slow for the average New Yawker? Prepare yourself for a few curse words or a nudge. Making friends can be a little difficult too. Everyone seems to be settled in with a group of people, and people really do keep to themselves, except for the crazies. Meet ups, and social events are your way to go to expanding your circle, but it may take a little while.
  6. You will probably miss your car Sometimes you won’t but I guarantee that you will when you’re grocery shopping. [ cue sigh ]
  7. You’ll fall in and out of love repeatedly.  I can’t tell you how many times I get frustrated here in the city, but after a good talking to or even a happy moment of finally flagging down that taxi in Times Square, I remember I just can’t be anywhere else right now.

I’m looking forward to sharing my NYC find with you guys. Stay tuned!


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