Notes From Therapy – May Edition

After my therapy sessions, I like to journal what I got from the session and also jot down a few accountability notes to help me integrate what was discussed into my day-to-day. Figured I’d share last month’s reflections!

Honor Your Own Boundaries.

Before our trip began we sent messages to loved ones we hoped to see. Schedules were checked, dinners were planned, and a fully booked itinerary of being surrounded by our loved ones excited me. But as the dates got closer, I began jumping through hoops to connect with people during our short time on the east coast, forsaking my own time and peace to make meet-ups work. I didn’t see this as a big deal until my therapist highlighted it as a boundary issue we’ve been trying to work through. I often give more than I receive, and the only person I have to blame is myself. Because this isn’t a matter of others respecting my boundaries, my time, my peace. It’s a matter of ME respecting my boundaries, my time, my peace.

Relationships Are A Two-Way Street

After my therapist checked me about my boundaries, she reminded me to pour into others that pour back into me. Reciprocity is my love language. This is not a joke. it really is, but it doesn’t have to be apples for apples, ie: I gave you money in need, so now must do the same for me. Nah, we’re not in high school. We’ve progressed from that type of toxicity. I’m referring more to the energetic exchange. The care. The love. Simply put: We make time and space (in our own capacities) for those that are important to us, but it’s also really important for us to recognize when others can not do the same. Not because they can’t, but because they just don’t want to.

You do not owe anyone an explanation for your “no”.

Correction, your “no” or your boundaries. You said what you said. They can keep the discussion.

Self-care is a lifetime membership.

Your self-care and self-love journey is one you will be on for life. The more you evolve, grow, and level up, the more you will need to cater your wellness routines to these new versions of yourself. What worked for depressed Yetti at age 23 will not work for happy yet anxious Yetti at 32.

Check Your Expectations

Ask yourself this: The expectations I have set for others, can I offer it back? If your answer is no, it’s time to reflect and reevaluate why this is your expectation and what you, yourself, actually bring to the table. If your answer is yes, kudos to you, however, are you being cognizant of the physical + mental capacity of the people you are requiring this from?

Honorary mentions:
  • Don’t confuse giving yourself grace with giving yourself an excuse. Read that again.
  • It’s okay to trash an idea or a vision you had for yourself. If it no longer aligns, you forcing it to does more harm than good. So if someone hasn’t told you yet, you’re allowed to change your mind. You’re allowed to start again. This is your permission slip, boo. 

What lessons have you learned from therapy lately? Sharing is caring :). Sound off in the comments! Let’s help each other out!


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