No, You Can’t Have It Easy


No, you can’t have it easy.

Because dreams were not meant to be easy. They’re weren’t meant to fall into your lap. They weren’t meant to be a walk in the park through fields of daisies, sunflowers, and roses. No, they’re meant to be large, and sometimes complicated, and fulfilling yet terrifying all the same time. Correction, dreams do fall into your lap. In pieces. Oddly shaped puzzle pieces that sometimes fit together but sometimes don’t. Your dream’s path? Crooked, muddy, with occasional appearances of that thing that goes “bump” in the middle of the night. Grab a flashlight, your good luck charm, and some guts.

No, you can’t have it easy.

Because then it wouldn’t be worth it. Call it sadistic, call it whatever you’d like, but you can’t deny that sense of satisfaction you feel after the struggle. That burn that makes you want to tootsie roll into the office, cart-wheel in the street. The urge to scream “Fuck yeah!” That doesn’t come from easy.

No, you can’t have it easy.

Because the foundation of something great is made out of uncertainty, fear, and a whole lot of faith. It’s structure is formed from frustration, aha-moments, and sometimes your tears. The roof is created from your multiple drafts and your recycled thrown out ideas. The big, bad wolf looks for easy, and with easy, that fucker will blow your house down. Build the house with your solid bricks of hard-work and authenticity. Cement them with your determination and out of the box thinking. Keep your eye on your intricate, larger than life dream. Your blueprint. Then give the middle finger to the big, bad wolf.

No, you can’t have it easy.

Because shit happens. Filthy shit. Humorous yet “What the fuck” shit. “I’ll eventually learn from this” shit. Just plain ol’ shit. It’s out of your control, and yes, I know it sucks. But adjust your panties, tighten your bra and deal with it. Plan and execute. Fall down 8 times, get up 9. Because I’m sorry to break it you folks, but sometimes, just sometimes, God is a petty little man up there, and no amount of hallelujahs or tithes giving will work. Do you know what will work? When you work. Oh and have faith. Amen.

No, you can’t have it easy.

Because if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. And you and I both know that not everyone is cut out for this. Not everyone can’t weather this storm.

But you can.

So I’m sorry to break it to you.

I’m sorry to rain on your parade.

But no, you just can’t have it easy.


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  1. You can’t have it easy, but sometimes it would be nice if you could. lol. This post is so true. No matter how easy you wish things were, there’s no denying that there’s this huge sense of satisfaction you get after you’ve made it through the tough times. It definitely makes you stronger, and more passionate about what you do.

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