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This Is My Voice

I don’t blog for those who like to pretend that the world is happy and perfect. I don’t blog to show my peers that I am perfect. I’m not here to mask the impurities we find in today’s world. And most importantly, I’m not here to please the masses. This isn’t a family friendly blog, I’m not here to be the perfect example. I curse, I touch upon inappropriate things. In the modified words of another blogger, “I rant, I roar”, I’m not here to show you that I’m “winning”. So please pay close attention when I say, I’m not changing a damn thing about the words I place on this little ol’ blog of mine.

– Yetti (You Chose To Consume This)

As a blogger writer, your writing constantly evolves. You continue to change, backtrack and grow until you reach a point where you have established your voice:

1. The type of writer you want to be categorized as,
2. Owning your words and,
3. The things you decide to share or touch upon.

asswThe quote up above comes from a blog post written in April after a few friends, family members and readers expressed displeasure in the direction of my new blog. For 3 years I blogged under Andsoshewrites.com. It started as a fit-journey blog, and after reaching my 30lbs weight-loss goal and poorly dealing with a break-up, it quickly turned into more than that. But my words were tailored. I walked on eggshells with each post. And by the time the new year had started to peek over the edge, I shut down my blog that I felt was not an accurate perception of my thoughts and words and began on something new.

That’s when I declared myself a Personal Blogger.

February 2014, I made the switch of domain names, and YettiSays was revealed. I rebranded, I switched things up, I spoke up more. Yettisays.com symbolized more than what Andsoshewrites ever could. It is the uncensored truth according to me, and a lot more bearings of a 20-something-year-old’s soul. YS.com is me as a writer saying, I own these happy, joyful, sorrowful, angry, passionate as fuck words. This is me, my thoughts, and I stand behind them.


Yes, I decided to own my words.

My readership changed, and my blog became more than just than a blog. My blog is my business, it’s my one of my evening jobs. But even with it being what it is, there are still a few eggshells and roadblocks I’ve avoided addressing.

[Tweet “Dating a writer? Let me help you. None of those words were about you, but they all were. – N. Heron”]

It’s hard being associated with creatives. I know, trust me. We creatives take what we experience from near and far and turn it into art. Not revenge, but art. Because a true artist creates for the beauty of things and the possible lessons and revelations to share, and not to cause pain or harm to others. We creatives take private matters and turn them into a product. But it’s not because we do not respect or believe in privacy.

Believe it or not, most writers, including myself, are as private as they come. We’re private with tough skin and an overwhelming need to share. May even be classified an introvert. I, for one, am probably one of the most private women my friends will ever meet. And yes, enjoy the irony, I do have a blog. I’m well-known for not telling all the details, leaving out things here and there that’ll only make them worry. If I don’t feel comfortable discussing something, you’ll never know about it especially not to its full entirety. But for you guys, I give glimpses into my vulnerabilities because, well, I choose to allow others to learn from these sometimes heavy words I share. It’s a part of my job, it’s a part of my passion and purpose, and it reminds you, and even myself, that I am still very much human. And if there is a lesson to be learned? If I can turn this into my art? I am going to tell my story.

I’ve avoided discussing relationship fall outs, I barely ever write about love. I’ve avoided touching upon my insecurities due to people using my words against me. And it goes against everything written within the YettiSays mantra.

But I’ve decided on the things I am willing to share.
And it’s not to be spiteful, it’s not because I’m not over it, and it’s not to brag or point fingers. It’s not to bring shame to myself, it’s not to bring shame to others and it’s not for someone to take and use against me. I am in the business of self-love, owning one’s imperfections and creating happiness. I am in the business of storytelling. This comes with the territory.

Mum, Dad, Sissy, Bubs, Aunties,
Friends, Exes, Lovers,
I’ve found my voice. I will not apologize.


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  1. So relevant. So necessary.
    As I begin my blogging journey (currently finishing up my site’s design), I’m consumed with nervousness about what people will say about my writing. I’m awaiting those “who do you think you are?” and “why would you share that?” moments. But I’d like to believe I’m ready. Because I, like you, refuse to be silenced by someone else’s uncomfortability.

  2. I love this! I’ve definitely struggled with that a lot on my blog. I think that’s why I have a tumblr too, for when I just need to let out my emotions. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can work that into my blog just yet. I’m ready to see what’s coming next on YettiSays!

  3. This I needed to read. There have been so many subjects I wanted to write on but saved it for my video journal because of my audience. But fuck that. Thanks for the unintentional push three years after writing this lol

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