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Embracing Being A Mental-Wellness Creative

15 years.

That’s how many years I’ve done this blogging thing. I’ve gone from writing about love and being sad, to blogging about my weight-loss. That then transitioned into blogging about self-love to what I now believe is my actual purpose, my calling: being a voice in this world that speaks up for mental-health awareness and promotes overall mental-wellness throughout our communities. 

To be honest, my passion runs deep for this mission because if I had that voice from age 12 to 21, I’d probably have a lot less emotional and physical scars. If I knew of a voice that’s been through it too, it would’ve saved me the wasted time in pretending everything is okay, when, uh, hello, depression? And if someone had explained to me that falling in love with myself could absolutely change my life, I’d be that bitch by now.

But becoming a voice? That’s huge. That gift is major. It requires vulnerability, honesty, heart, and what I sometimes lack, consistency. Accepting it’s challenge to be a beacon of truth in a field where those planted there don’t want to acknowledge what is real and what is killing us is hard. And what makes it hard is in order to work in your purpose and shed some light, you need to publicly come undone while doing so. You need to bravely do so, and hope to the heavens that those that only know you on a surface level accept your truth for what it is, and see the unpolished beauty that is your message, your purpose.

That is my hard part. Working in my purpose while maintaining the Yetti people know in real life, the Yetti they’re comfortable with and feeding the Yetti that’s been working in the shadows. Yetti, the Wellness Creative.

“Who do you think you are? Oprah? [laughing emoji]” – Direct message shortly after my first Instagram live with Melanie Santos, NYC’s favorite healer.

“Why do you want people to know the broken parts of you? Certain things, I don’t know Yetti, certain things just need to be kept to yourself.” – No longer friend.

“I hope you’re applying this effort to grad-school like you do this blogging thing. Make-up won’t pay for bills,” – misinformed family member”

And my personal favorite that has come from far too many occasions and people to single out:

“Are you trying to do this thing for real?”

The answer? Yes. Yes the fuck I am.

In less than 14 hours, I will be launching my first wellness product on my birthday. A deck of affirmation cards designed to reassure a message that was already ordained by the universe: that you are always enough. But for the past three years, where I’ve chosen to expose my wounds and dive into healing while the world watches? That has been “for real”. Everything I share is “for real”, and people may no longer select which Yetti they choose to associate with.

This is me. Yetti:

The oldest of three children. Daughter to the most entertaining Nigerian parents you’ll ever meet.

I have an engineering degree, and work for a Fortune 500 company as a Product Owner / Technical Project Manager somewhere along the east coast. But I’m also a writer, a social media influencer, a seasoned wellness event host and speaker, and now, an official business owner. And that cushy Corporate America job I have? It’s there to support the latter.

I like to write. Blog posts. Articles. Long ass Instagram captions. I write for myself because sometimes journaling helps me heal the ugly parts in my life. I write for myself because writing is my favorite way to relive the beautiful things that grace myself. But I write for others because storytelling is kind of my thing and I believe that sharing our pain, our struggles, our stories, encourages those taboo conversations and most importantly, healing.

I believe that anyone and everyone can have the life they truly want by implementing a few tools that help to align them with their greater self. I also believe that I can aid in that by experimenting and sharing what I know about all the diverse avenues one can take to heal and manifest joy. And of course, I strongly believe in and promote self-love, even when I sometimes can’t practice it myself. Self-love is the best love you can possibly own, I’m a living testimony of this.

And with all this being said, I’m still the same Yetti that considers herself THE brunch connoisseur, but that Yetti also requires a therapy sessions prior to that kind socializing. I’m still the same Yetti that advises smart and passionate budding engineers (Hey Rukayat, Hey Shena, Hey Stephen), but that Yetti is also in the business of helping others figure out their mental-health too. And I’m still the Yetti that requires her core sisterhood and wine at the end of the week, but that Yetti has also found a sisterhood in other women, in other creatives, using their stories and platforms to inspire and fight for a change.

All of this is me, every single aspect of it, and with me entering a new phase in my life and my career, I’ve chosen to no longer separate the Yetti’s so many of you may know, and proudly move forward with one that incorporates them all.

Hi. My name is Yetti, I’m working really hard as your favorite self-love pusher and an advocate for mental-health. I hope you all will still love and accept me just the same.



  1. Congratulations to launching your product on your birthday! What an awesome gift! And also congrats on being bold and unapologetic and for having the courage to take action in spite of what other people think and say. So happy for you!

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