The Mental-Health Check In With Kiera Walker

My name is Kiera Walker – I lovingly battle perfectionism.

When did you first realize you were struggling with perfectionism? What was your first line of action when it came to conquering it?

I didn’t realize how deep my struggle with perfectionism was until I began my therapy journey at the end of 2018. Work had become a constant source of stress and anxiety and was affecting other areas of my life & well-being which ultimately encouraged me to seek professional support. Gaining a deeper awareness through therapy helped me to begin cultivating the mindset, tools, and practices to navigate and overcome my toxic narrative of perfectionism.

What does your perfectionism look and feel like?

My struggle with perfectionism looks invisible externally but can feel debilitating  and overwhelming when I’m experiencing or navigating unhealthy inner-dialogue, unrealistic expectations of myself and others, unnecessary pressure, procrastination & fear.

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How do you prioritize your mental-health? What are a few wellness tools or practices you use to manage your mental-health?

I prioritize my mental health with therapy, yoga, dance and my daily practice of meditation, gratitude, journaling, affirmations. Curating experiences that cultivate community, empowerment, transformation, resilience & self-preservation also support sustaining my well-being.

How do your loved ones react to your mental-health?

My family, friends and community are encouraging and supportive of my wellness journey to embrace my imperfections, flaws and all in order to transform and empower myself and others to live our most authentic, abundant and best life. 

Share one piece of advice for someone in the thick of their mental-health journey:

When we’re not our best self mentally or emotionally, it’s so easy to feel isolated. No matter your struggle, setback or insecurity, there’s always someone else who’s navigating a parallel experience just like you. Always remember, you’re never alone on your journey. 

Kiera Walker, Connector, Curator & Cultivator

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