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  1. I always love reading through these, though I rarely comment. I will say that in this case, I feel compelled to let Eric know that many people actually don’t give gifts at all on Hanukkah, or we donate to charity or to the community at large rather than exchanging tangible personal items. Hanukkah isn’t the Jewish Christmas; its focus is on courage, resilience, & self-preservation, not gift-giving, greed, or ownership, & so his anti-Semitism, particularly as it relates to this meaningful holiday, is not appreciated.

  2. I love reading this and all the other posts during the year. Thanks! I am a Jamaican and Kwanzaa is not a celebration in my family and I really do not take the time to understand it. But, I love a celebration and if that is what some Americans want to be happy about, I ain’t knocking it. Happy 2017 to You & Yours!!