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  1. Awh Yetti best of luck one day at a time one step at a time, life is best shared with others 🙂 especially those that love us back 🙂 no matter what.

  2. Love this! Love…pure, authentic, unconditional love…is such a beautiful thing. So happy for you owning it and embracing all that it comes with – even the snores.

    SN: come up with a mutual agreement. Whenever my bf snores, he gives me permission to wake him up until I can fall back to sleep. Works like a charm!

    Many blessings, dear. xo

  3. It makes my heart sing that my baby is in love . Stay with with it love gets even better with time ❤️?

  4. 1. I love this post for obvious reasons. Pun intended.
    2. You better give me life with this line: “You give me the time and space I need to become comfortable with my time and space with you.”
    3. “Highest part of your forehead” has me weaaaaaaaaaaaak

  5. OhEmGee Yetti.. you already know you’re one of my besties in my head but I never went back and stalked your blog and read your old posts until now. Now you must know that I will be spending hours going through old blogs posts hahaha I love your writing style and your transparency, so glad you didn’t let YettiSays die!! 🙂

  6. My heart literally exploded for you while reading this. Don’t forget…I’ve got pretty shoes ready for the big day, whenever it is. I’ve always got pretty shoes ready! LOL