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Lessons From A Hiatus


[ cracks knuckles ] Feels good to be back.

Lesson One: It’s Never Truly A Hiatus

No, I have not posted anything. I’ve barely tweeted, facebooked, or shimmied down the social media road with new content or YS advertising. I sent out my newsletter because the homies needed love, and I had something to say, but on the surface… I’ve pretty much been mute about this platform.

But only because I’ve been working. I’m tooting my horn, and flipping my bought hair, I’ve been working hard. It’s always when we are still, do the most intricate, “what kind of craziness is this,” ideas present themselves. And sometimes, you need to be quiet in order to lay down the foundation for such craziness. No one ever said it would be easy being this ambitious and creative.

Lesson Two: Protect Your Peace

I have these little people who live in-between my ears, and play kickball with my ego, my pride, and my self-esteem. They’re fueled by my own self-deprecating behaviors, not to mention the unsavory words of others that come in the form of opinions, judgements, and plain ol’ shade. Those little people love that shit. They get a high off of that shit. This then results in the destruction of my ego, my pride and my-self-esteem, and we can no longer accept it.

It’s important to protect your peace. Protect it from outsiders, and protect it from yourself. There comes a time when silencing your thoughts is the only option. Master it. Master the fuck out of it. Crazy and miserable has never looked good on anyone.

Lesson Three: Live A Little & Love A Lot

I’m not talking skydive, or taking an extravagant trip to Croatia (which I’m totally down for if you’re paying), but more so actually live your day-to-day. Enjoy your day-to-day. Be present in your day-to-day. Take chances. And love.

I’m talking all kinds of love. Family love. Romantic love. Friendship love. Get laid and enjoy the lust. Overwhelming, unyielding self-love. All of it. Embark on it. Enjoy it. Get lost in it. Experience it. Build it. Get burned by it. And then do it all again. Yes, work hard. Work in silence. Work at strange hours of the night. Stay low and build, any other cliché phrase you may think… but don’t block love.

Ever taken a hiatus? What did you gain from it?


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  1. I think that’s key for me — working in silence. I think it’s because a while ago I realized that now everyone is as happy for you as they claim to be. And sometimes people wait to taunt you with the plans that you’re shared that didn’t quite happen for you. I’ve experienced it. So I just tell a few people so that there is a little accountability and I’m hum to so many others.

    You’re doing great things, Yetti. Great, awesome things. (:

  2. Yes. I took one for 6 months. I have a new direction with my blog and social media activity. Less is best! I rather write for inspiration and not rat race, competition, or pennies (although they are nice when I get some). Enjoy your journey!

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