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Lessons From 25: What They’ve Noticed


I asked a few of my closest to reflect on me during the year 25. If anyone can attest to the year I have had, it would be this group of people. I love you all dearly.

Check out what they had to say about below!

I think year 25 has been a year of growth for you. You have always had a kind heart, but sometimes people take advantage of that. I think you have started learning to take care of Yetti first. You started cutting people out of your life and realized that not every friendship is in your best interest or healthy for you. I have also noticed an increase in your level of self-confidence and overall happiness. What I admire most is that you have started taking risks, in your career, in your passions, and a little even in love (still gotta work on that one though lol). Remember that without risks, you will never reach your potential or truly find your happy. Continue to brave and face the risk of failure because YOU ARE DESTINED FOR SUCCESS. Happy Birthday!  – Ayan


Changes observed: You have made the health of her inner self a priority. I have also seen the Yetti who is willing to fight for her happiness rather than throw in the towel. (Some days are tougher than others but she pulls through.) Continue working on: Realizing that you are human and imperfect which is a great thing. It means there’s always room for change but also loving the current work in progress.(Happiness is about enjoying the journey. I think a perfect life would be boring, what would we do with ourselves. The roller coaster makes it interesting). I love you and welcome to twenty sexy.Dee


Changes in year 25 have been simple but that’s where beauty lies, in simplicity. You’ve branched out, open to meeting new people and saying goodbye to ones that don’t help you move forward. You see the beauty within yourself, not for what others see but for what you see and that’s truly important. In year 25 you’ve grown, shedding the past fears while smiling daily through new challenges. In year 25 you’ve thrived.David


The biggest change I’ve noticed in on you is your positivity. This isn’t to say that you no longer have bad days or do not have negative moments. Rather your negative moments don’t seem all consuming and self induced as they have in the past. You’ve managed to learn how to fight for your joy and while I can’t say that it’s second nature to you yet, I think it’s a fight that you’re winning. I can’t wait to see what 26 brings for you. – Delli


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