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  1. Seriously…why in the world would you want to make me emotional, Yetti? WHY? Fantastic entry chickadee. You’re breaking out of your cocoon and it’s like watching the lil’ sis I never had. you rock majorly 🙂

  2. I find this post to very inspirational. I too suffer with social anxiety. It mostly has to do with fear of what other people think. After reading this, I’m so ready to kick this bad habit. I’m tired of being afraid and find my happiness.

    1. YES! That’s exactly where a portion of my social anxiety came from. You can do it! Email me if you need some tips. Thank you for reading and relating!

  3. Work relationships are hard but once you find a work boo, being at work seems less tasking than it would otherwise. But it’s even better when you can maintain that relationship outside of work or once someone has moved on. true friendship. in general, yes adult friendships are so hard, but I’ve learned that they (IMO) are the most meaningful because it’s a choice (this is a person that adds value to your life and vice versa) and less about convenience (I’ve known this person since 5 and we lived next door to each other).