Lessons From 25: Others Share Lessons Learned


Everyone learns a little something from each age, so I asked a few people to share their lessons learned from their current age.

Greg, 27: The best lesson I’ve learned at 27 is you’re never too old to learn about yourself and it doesn’t always have to be from self-reflection.

Dara, 21: Live spontaneously and do you. Buy a one way ticket to wherever, go for the job you’re not exactly qualified for. If you spend too long rationalizing, time will go right on by, leaving you starting phrases with “should’ve”, “would’ve”, “could’ve”. Do you, boo.

Kate, 30: Thirty is as old as you feel like it is. Thirty is old enough to be wise & respected, but still young enough to sometimes be youthfully naive. I no longer feel the need to fight for the legitimacy of my voice or my experiences.

Akudo, 26: I learned that “adulthood” feels however I want it to feel. Since my teen years I created an idea in my head of what adulthood would look and feel like for me and when I finally became one, I would doubt myself on everything based on whatever cultural milestones I failed to hit each year. I imagined I would wear heels every day and I would have a man, with the potential for kids. But this year I embraced that adulthood for me at 26 is whatever I say it is. Single, no kids, no responsibilities, no six figures income, and no mortgage. And I wear flats most times, but I no longer feel like I’m “playing” adult.

Vanessa, 23: I learned (and still working on it) not to be afraid of change. I would accept any and everything that came with a particular situation (job, friendship, relationship) as long as I could control the fact that it didn’t change. It’s making me stronger

Adaeze, 20: This year, I’ve learned to never base my identity in anyone else. I’ve learned that friends will come and go, and some friendships will come to an end, no matter how painful. I’ve learned that if I truly know myself and know my God, I’ll always be alright.

Shanice, 25: Care about others but live for yourself. Live your life not caring what others think and shake off the drama. Do not live for the expectations of those around you.

Chanelle B, 25: I learned that the cliche phrase “patience is a virtue” really is true. I never take a moment to just BE in the moment that I am in. Learning patience truly has allowed me to control my anger, and to refocus on being a better version of me.

Chele, 25: I’ve learned that no matter how much it may hurt, sometimes we have to pop that pretty pink bubble we love to live in and face reality. Pretending and lying to yourself will only make you unhappier in the long run. But if you search deep within and face your truth, that’s the first step to healing your pain and disappointment.


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  1. Nice share at 43 I’ve learned your only as old as you allow your spirit to get. Everyday is a chance to start new and life is too short to frown all the time. Break away from any drama and live your life!!!

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