Lessons From 25: Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Therapy


It took me awhile to tell people and even you guys that I was in therapy. Sometimes I’d hint towards it, but I never went into detail until I wrote about the importance of Mental Health after an angel passed away. I was afraid to share with the world that therapy was a part of my routine for remaining a positive me. I was ashamed to say I paid for a service that is often seen to be used by what poorly educated and small minded people call “crazy” people.

But I’m not crazy and I’m no longer ashamed.

Therapy helped me to stop being my own worst enemy. Therapy helped me get over my sexual assault. Therapy is the reason why I do not flip out when someone accidentally touches me. Therapy is somewhat responsible for Yetti 2.0.

Let me share with you four benefits of therapy. And especially those who still turn their nose up at the word, take your judgmental hat off and lower your head to get this free education for a quick second:

You receive a better understanding of you: This is probably one of the top reasons why people seek out therapy (Life coaches fall into the same category). Not because they have a psychological problem. The majority of people who attend therapy are normal people like you and I, trying to get some footing with dealing with everyday problems. Grief, major life changes, and so on. When attending therapy, you understand why when certain buttons are pushed and why you react a certain way. Often times, certain traumatic experiences from a childhood or even the smallest of habits make their way into our present state through our thought processes and our actions. Therapy can help you got there.

You receive a better understanding of others: While delving into you, you learn more about people. You form an understanding of why certain people think, act and react a certain way, and how you can respond or even shield yourself from other people’s antics. This is what keeps me sane in a male-dominated workplace. I’ve learned to deal with the bullshit ego of a man, not to mention how to play the game just as well.

You develop a new perspective: Your therapist is a neutral voice. With this neutral voice and whatever problem you seem to be facing, they unfold things you’re too emotional, too stubborn or too ignorant to see. For those of you who can not accept being wrong or have difficulty seeing things from a different point of view, this could be good for you. Problem solving with a therapist is a completely different experience from problem solving on my own. There are often times my therapist helps me to see things in a different light that I couldn’t have gotten to on my own. She strips the “I feel” and “I think” attachments from the problem at hand and presents to me the naked conflict which most of time isn’t such a big event in the first place. I then can solve the issue without anxiety or fear.

You develop new and healthy coping mechanisms: So after my therapist helps me see the naked conflict, she then teaches me how to do these things for myself. I think a common belief about therapy is that it becomes a dependency, and don’t get me wrong, it can become just that. But when therapy is done correctly, they teach you the skills you need to replicate the clarity you receive from attending therapy. The skills you need at the crux of an issue… when your therapist is not available.

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Now I can list about 50 more benefits but that isn’t the sole purpose of this post, and google works wonders for everyone. What I am trying to say is, having a healthy mental state is paramount, for without that, you are bound to fall apart, and probably during the most unlikely of times. Not everyone is born with a great self esteem. Not everyone develops healthy and safe coping mechanisms. Some people have to live with off-balanced hormones for all of their life. And some people just need that extra push to remain in a good place. You have to do what is good for you, so if therapy is that, then do it and do not be ashamed for it.



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