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Leave It All On The Stage


When asked to describe the process of storytelling, I can describe it as a multitude of things. It’s touching people with my words, and pushing folks to feel and think simultaneously. It’s calling awareness to the things in life not all of us are brave enough to share. It’s letting other readers and writers know that they’re not alone and welcoming them into a community with my words. It’s mentally undressing myself with the windows wide open in the name of art. With the purpose of sharing lessons learned. With the purpose of sharing what not to do. And sometimes with the sole purpose of healing.

But spoken word? It’s all of the above. It’s leaving your heart wide open without protection on a stage.

Or at least that’s what it felt like at See Speak Feel.

My 28 by 28 list says perform three times. Perform three spoken words pieces. Why? Because bucket lists are lists of things that we either never think we will do, or things that we really want to experience and just do not make the time to. I would consider me doing spoken word a little bit of both. But the opportunity presented itself, and I know the energy of See Speak Feel. It’s inviting. It’s secure. Something I know Tyece of Twenties Unscripted, the host, works so hard to achieve year after year. See Speak Feel was where I needed to take this leap.

I think it was a tad bit more than performing and taking a leap. Because while practicing my piece over facetime with Roconia, my coach and habitual hand holder throughout this process, I realized this was going to be one of those healing moments. My piece was part fiction mixed with bits of my truth, and this would be the first time I got those specks of truth off my chest.

It would be the first time people would hear this side of the story.

And so when I took the stage that Saturday evening with my palms clammy, scalp sweating, and mouth incredibly dry, I told myself this was the day I would release pieces of my secrets on that stage.

And that is where they will stay.

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This post is part of the Twenties Unscripted “Write Your Ass Off April”
10 day writing challenge. Word of the day: HEAL.
– Day 1: Surrender
– Day 2: Confess (Sent out in the Extra Dose newsletter)


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  1. YAY! That one night over FaceTime when I was probing you about the backstory and you said “Ugh I’ve never said this out loud before!” , that’s when I knew that SeePeak Feel 2016 was going to be transformative for you! 😀

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