Just Wanna


live a life full of laughs, lessons and passion.
dance, sing and kiss in the rain.
make a difference in the world, and leave an imprint in the hearts of women everywhere.
be loved, like that movie kind of love.
get more tattoos.
be surrounded by my besties always.
live next to the High-Line.
become a true city girl.
grace the stage of Black Girls Rock.
not doubt myself.
meet Jillian Michaels, YES I SAID IT!
learn to turn the other cheek.
be brave.
be courageous.
be a perfect example of a flawed individual living her life blissfully always.
dabble in make-up more.
find a new creative outlet.
adopt teens… not babies, when I am ready.
make Certified 10 a success.
be my own boss.
find an all female team of go-getters.
travel the world… on my own.
be a great role model.
live in London.
build my network.
give my parents the best of everything.
no longer fear the dark.
grasp a regular sleeping pattern.
go for what I want without a doubt in the world.
live in my own apartment.
force my roommate to live the in apartment next to my own apartment.
be great.
be unforgettable.
experience a romantic love.

But… what do I need?


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