Jump Into Your Miracles


I’m not very religious, and I can count the number of times I have been to church on my hands in the past 3 years… but this past Sunday, I was required to go. My goddaughter’s dedication was being held, and as her super cool and attractive Godmother, my attendance was not an option.

There’s something about church that makes me feel uneasy, I used to blame it on childhood events and experiences, but I pretty much narrowed it down last fall to the simple fact that I’m not truly a believer. I believe in a God, a higher being or what-not, but not necessarily all the teachings within the bible. Quotes such as “Put your trust in God,” make me scoff. I roll my eyes at “The Lord will provide,” because to me… it’s bullshit. Hard work, dedication, and pushing myself gets shit done… but that is another discussion for a rainy day.

My friend Peach, my mother, and baby sister attended church with me. My mother sang and praised God, while I twiddled my thumbs and watched the clock move ever so slowly. After 30 minutes of straight singing and foot-stomping, 30 minutes of prayers and readings, and a few minutes of kids singing for the congregation and then shuffling towards the downstair’s room for Sunday school, the sermon began. Now, to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this. Very few times do I find relevance in a sermon without feeling guilty for not truly believing “the word”, but the pastor preaching that morning got his point across. He did so with jokes and stories.

What stood out to me was his quote “Jump into your miracle”. He very much so tied this into the blessings God sends forth, but for someone who is not an absolute believer, if you substitute that with the “universe” or “a higher power”, everything made sense. He spoke of these miracles that become available to us, he touched upon being suffocated within our current situations, and he addressed being starved of all “goodness”.

Why do we have this fear of the unknown? Why are we afraid of change even it has the possibility to be incredible? Why do we starve ourselves of all things nourishing to the soul? It’s so easy to indulge in negative bullshit, things that have all tendencies to turn sour, and remain deprived of “goodness”. It’s why they say happiness is a choice, it really is. You have to want and to choose to do better.

Stop starving yourself of enjoyment. Stop seeking the easy way out. The cuts, scrapes and bruises will turn into beautiful war wounds in the future. And for heaven’s sake, JUMP INTO YOUR MIRACLES. These past few weeks have been almost utter bliss. From new friendships to dating, to taking on a new direction with my dreams, I’ve kind of adopted the power of yes and jumped headfirst into miracles I didn’t think were even available. Just do it! Embrace “the goodness” wherever it is, roll around in it, then swallow it whole. You deserve this motherfucking goodness. Now act like it.



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