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It’s April, How’s Your Resolution?

Yes, that is me mocking you because I think the entire notion of setting resolutions for the new year is complete bullshit.

How is your resolution? Is 2014 your year yet?

To those of you who have stuck to your resolutions, kudos to you! For the others, well…

But I do have to ask. Why does one wait till the new year to make changes that’ll better them now? I understand the OCD behavior of starting a planner in January or a schedule on a Monday, but why wait till the new year to quit smoking? Or to begin that new weight-loss journey? Why not do it right when you think about it? Don’t you need it then too?

In January I watched the gym go from only containing the regulars to a full blown crowd of resolution makers and then back to the regulars by mid February. People make these false ass commitment to themselves and don’t necessarily follow through. This is something someone continuously pointed out to me in December, fueling me to stop the nonsense of my lousy commitments and also reminded me why being private about my endeavors and goals worked so well for me before.  No pressure outside of those that matter and care, no lash-back for changing my mind and finding something better, but I digress.

Just because the numbers are different, people truly believe that’ll make the outcome of whatever said goal different. It doesn’t. You, yourself and your actions make the outcome different. It’s the true want for things to be different. It’s the uneasy desperation, the aching in your chest and sometimes lower abdomen and the willpower that’s buried deep within you that makes it different.

Not the increase of a year.

Once you fully understand that you have the power to change something… within yourself (and not others), you won’t want to wait to do it. You’ll begin to form that new habit or take on that goal right when it needs to be tackled. It’s okay if you stumble, but get back up and keep going because you deserve it and you know you can do it. Don’t worry I struggle with this from time to time too, but the longer you stick at it, the sooner you’ll realize that you have the power to do anything you want to do and that the idea of “can’t” is simply in your mind.



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