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  1. Yetti,
    This is great and I have to say- I am no english scholar or expert on writing but you have grown leaps and bounds as a writer. I love how I feel like I am by your fire side chat listening to you tell me about matters of the heart.

    I recently wrote about my obsession with the song “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift. She gives a jarring line at the end of the song saying “And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy, who changed his mind and we both cried”. I get chills just thinking about the pen that wrote those incredible words.

    Love is imperfect and thats totally fine. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.


  2. I love your perception of love here. Its a beautiful unpredictable thing and your realistic approach embodies that. Really a lovely read.

  3. Lets say, LOVE This!

    This was written genuinely. Strive for this love! It exist!