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How To Stop Playing It Small

You step out of your box.

Yes, your box. You know, the one you created and stuffed yourself in. The one that “feels” safe, but is actually kind of suffocating. You’re in that box breathing in the same old ideas and the same boring ass routine which is slowly but surely causing all types of creative failures. You’re fighting for fresh newness but you’re stubborn, you don’t do well without structure, and you’re scared. But you can’t stop playing it small if you’re always scared.

So stop being scared. Stop cockblocking your own growth and get out of your way. You’ve taken risks and landed on your feet before. You’ve fucked up, stopped, reflected, and started again. You’ve hit rock-bottom before but you’ve also made it back onto your feet. Your resiliency knows no bounds, and your bounce-back game is strong. You weren’t placed on this earth to play it safe, and you definitely weren’t placed here to not live your beautiful life.

Live your beautiful life.

Live it out loud. Live it the way you want to. Live it according to your standards. Within the boundaries you’ve set for yourself out of self-love and not the boundaries that you’ve created out of fear. Take your vacation days. Schedule your me-time. Buy whatever you want. Drive your fancy car. Wear your bikinis and love how you choose too. Playing it small not only limits what you are able to achieve, but it impacts your ability to think in abundance rather than focusing on lack. And nothing about you is lackluster.

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So put an end to pushing against the current and learn to float with its waves. You’re protected. You’re highly favored. And right now? You’re more aligned than ever. Cut the bullshit and dust off your grown woman panties, because in order to stop playing it small, you’ve got to feel the fear, and then do whatever it is anyway.

Begin to believe in the unfolding of this glorious journey of yours.

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Use “I can’t” less and “sure when?” more. Speaking engagements? Do them. New product releases? Fuck it up. Letting go of causing a disruption? You should’ve been done that because we do not shrink for anyone. Not now. Not ever. Trade-in the “you’re not worthy” for the “who else other than me?” Be kinder to yourself. Compassionate and understanding. Big yourself up. Talk your boss shit. Stand on their necks and let them know you have arrived. Turn down your humble and amp up your self-worth. Have the audacity to think big. The audacity to know you belong in this space. The audacity to share your purpose. And the audacity to be heard and seen. (We don’t really care about the acknowledgment. We acknowledge ourselves.)

Stop standing in the shadows and step into the motherfucking sun. Show up for yourself the way you did 10 years for Corporate America.

Construct your mission. Make sure your vision is crystal clear to you. Make sure it resonates with your heart because we’re no longer doing the things that sit right with us. You’re not doing it for the glitz. You’re not doing it for the accolades. You’re doing it because you have a message to share, and a gift to bestow on a community of women deserving all the self-love they can muster up. You’re doing it because you don’t want others to make the same mistakes. You’re doing it because conversations and vulnerability are catalysts for healing. Catalysts for the change you want to see. Stand in your purpose and be the damn catalyst.

But most importantly, commit.

You’re a wellness warrior. An advocate for your community. And a voice for folks who have yet to find their own. You’re a big sister. A best-friend. Someone’s mother one day.

Now is the time to commit.

Commit to stepping out of the box. Commit to destroying it. Commit to keeping the promises you’ve made to yourself. And commit to completing them with good intentions and positive energy. Commit to being ready to see and implement changes. Commit to growing, and expanding, and using your gifts. Commit to Commit to feeding a level of confidence only you can provide to yourself. Commit to unconditional self-love and self-care especially when shit hits the fan. But lastly and most importantly, choose to see yourself for exactly what you are: A solid being with infinite potential. Do something different this time. Lean into a faith that has never failed you yet. 

[Tweet “In 2020, I am leaning into a faith that has never failed me yet and committing to believing in myself always.”]

Commit to believing in you. Always.


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  1. Definitely not playing it small ALL 2020!! Thanks for the tips and info because I need it, bad! I talk a good game and I’m getting closer and closer to REALLY walking in my confidence but some days I revert back to playing it small.

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