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Hey Boo,

I’m Yetti and welcome to YS.com!

I am a natural-born creative and intuitive thanks to my mum’s genes. I have a thing for front-end development and product management, shoutout to my dad’s influence. And I am a mental-wellness advocate and self-care/mindset coach because my life experiences wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through YettiSays, I’m on a mission to help women of color make self-care and self-love an everyday priority.

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Repeat after me:

I am exactly where I am meant to be.


With Love, Yetti

Introducing With Love, Yetti, a deck designed to help support your self-love and self-care journey through intentional thoughts and aligned actions. Each card is a love letter from me to you. A pep talk. An uplifting reminder. And they are all accompanied by an action item (an affirmation or journal prompt) to enhance your daily mental wellness routine.


Black Girl Affirmed

The Black Girl Affirmed Cards were created to reaffirm everything you are and combat everything you think you are not. 50 affirmations that celebrate both the pain and glory of black womanhood. 50 affirmations created to remind you that everything about you is purposeful and true.

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