Gym Blues


So I have been trying to get my groove back. Meaning, trying to get some footing within a routine that encompasses all that I have going on in life. One major thing I needed to make consistent? Working out. As most folks know, I lost 30lbs in 2012, and life in NYC is making it very difficult to not go back to my bad eating habits and to work out. Okay, I’m blaming New York, but my schedule is quite hectic so making time to do meal prep, to vigorously work out and to even get a decent amount of sleep, is proving to be difficult. But I did it this past week.

I set a goal that I’d work out 5 times a week this past week and surprisingly I did it. Every morning was a damn struggle, up at 5:30, train by 6:12, Gym by 6:40 and then inside of my office by 9:00 AM. By 2 P.M I was always ready to crash, and since I do not drink caffeine finding ways to boost my energy was challenging. I may have to add green tea back into the diet just for this cause. But I did see a few changes, both positively and negatively:

  • I’m much more alert and focused in the morning. I get the most done as soon as I get to my desk, versus right before I leave
  • By 9PM, my body aims to force me to go to sleep, which I can’t necessarily do with all the work on my plate. I feel completely drained :(.
  • I just generally feel good through out the day, sore, but cheerful nonetheless.
  • My endurance improved, though Friday morning was by far the hardest workout of my life. 
  • Yes, the scaled budged a bit. But with all the muscle I’m building, I’m not going to get used to that [lol].
  • Increased appetite. Oh my lord… 

I did hit a plateau from hell recently, hence the pick up from 3 to 5 days and a complete overhaul of what I eat. With a recent metabolism test, I’m trying a few things, I’ll keep you posted.

Next goal: Hot Yoga


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  1. I literally starting writing a post about this a couple of days ago: being healthy with little time available. Keep pushing – your energy levels will improve!:) And when do you have your breakfast? Are you eating a post-workout meal? I think that will make a difference to your energy levels, too. Hot yoga is aaaaawesome – when I do it, I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone: working out and connecting with my spirituality. You can dooooooo it! Sending loads of positive thoughts to you for the coming week xxxxx

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