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  1. Honestly, I needed this one right now, especially this line: “Why do I constantly let this person hurt me?” Why do I have friends that put me down?” I’ve been letting one old friend, in particular, treat me like crap for about a year now. She never wants to hang out when I ask, always makes it clear that she’s happy to get together if & only if better plans don’t come up for her. I reach out because we’re old friends, but she always, always, ALWAYS makes me feel second-rate & crummy. You’re right, I do it to myself – & while I like to think I’m doing it for the right reasons (because I care about her, because I value the history of our friendship, etc.), at some point that’s not enough. At some point, the only “right reason” is “because it makes me feel good & worthy & loved,” & this person definitely doesn’t.

    And now, I think I’m gonna go write about it. So thanks. 🙂