Feel Good Routine?

choose-happiness_RoundDo you have a feel good routine?
I know, this is such a weird question to ask,
but do you have a routine that almost guarantees to calm you down, replace your frown and just make you feel good inside?

I ask this because I see so many people choosing to be miserable. We tend to do this thing where we play victim in a life we control. I’m sure you can pin-point some posts where I’ve done it too but when do you decide to stop? When do you decide to stop complaining about shit you have full control over and change it? When do you give up focusing on the things out of your control to change?

Since Yettember… and my crying fit at 6:30 am on my 24th birthday, seeking happiness and true joy has been my focus. It really is a choice. Why would we choose to mope and complain about life, when we have the ability to create a life that’s so fulfilling?

Which brings me back to my original Feel Good Routine question! What makes you feel good! My FGR currently consists of:

  • Talking to myself. I’m pretty sure I am on my way to perfecting talking myself out of a bad mood.
  • Getting dolled up… for my damn self. Seeing my pretty face makes me smile! (Def. would not have said this last year lol)
  • Writing, taking pictures, anything creative will bring me into a lighter place.
  • Listening to music. My current Feel Good album: R.Kelly’s Love Letter (twirls)
  • Talking to loved ones and helping people.

A few answers from Twitter:

What about you? What’s your feel good routine?


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