FEATURED: Don’t Call Me Crazy

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These are the little things people take for granted. You know, being able to leave the house without your heart beating a mile a minute. Being able to grocery shop without having to convince yourself that nothing bad will happen and that people are not staring at you for some absurd reason in your head. Waking up and knowing what you are feeling, and why you are feeling it. And smiling. Smiling genuinely.

But for those of us who have silently suffered from forms of depression or anxiety, and probably didn’t know what it truly was, this feels like gold. It feels like a new beginning. For me, last April was me experiencing complete and unwavering happiness for the first time since childhood, and even though I only did a 6 month stint on the medication, it was what I needed to know what emotions I should be feeling. To know what it feels like to not have my mind racing and to be content in my present, not the past or the future.

Did I mention I am 27? Think about that.

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