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DPY – Honor Your Craft


Inspired by a snailmail note, that absolutely came at the right time.

Dear Phenomenal Yetti,

You’ve been given a gift. You’ve been blessed with a purpose. You know your passions. So now learn to honor your craft.

Stop shying away from compliments. Stop assuming the absolute worst of your vision and product. Enjoy your hard work. Bask in that hard work. Reward yourself for that hard work. Pat yourself on the back for this hard work, and then allow others to compliment, and share your beautiful, one of kind, only Yetti could do this hard work. It’s one thing to refuse to be complacent, to motivate yourself with tough-love, but do not abuse your craft with “You are not enough,” self-talk. Nurture it.

Honor your craft.

[Tweet “Those who find significance in your words will read. Those who believe in your process will participate.”]

Price your craft fairly, stop undervaluing it. Those who find significance in your words will read. Those who believe in your process will participate. Low balling your craft, your diamond-cut passions? Disrespectful. Show yourself the value and the worth others should apply to it. Treat your craft the way others should do. Lead by example. Put your fear of rejection on the back burners, adjust your bra straps, and value the fuck out of what you bring to the table.

Honor your craft, love. Honor it.

[Tweet “Guard you magic, protect it’s sparkle. Execute those dreams & pass on other’s validation.”]

Guard your magic, Phenomenal Yetti. Protect it’s sparkle. You’ve been doing this for years, and you have often learned the hard way. Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone is their to cheerlead you on. Disguises and smiles are easy to wear, and it’s time to stop being gullible. Stop the naivety. Competition doesn’t exist to you, unless you’re comparing to a past version of yourself. But to others? It’s how they operate. Shield your craft, your plans, your blueprint. Execute those dreams, pass on the validation from others.

Honor your craft. It was an intentional gift.

[Tweet “Own your progress. It’s you wrapped in a crooked bow and filled with a purposeful delicacy.”]

There’s a reason why you think the way you do, create the way you do, overwork the way you do. It’s not a coincidence that you belief in the gems that dance around that intricate maze of a mind of yours. That phrase you hate to say, “Everything happens for a reason,” is so true, and your denial must simmer down. Embrace your dreams, own your progress, and take pride in all that you do. It’s the best thing you can do for your craft. Nurture that craft. Cradle that baby. It’s precious. It’s unique. It’s you wrapped in a crooked bow and filled with a dramatic, powerful, and purposeful delicacy.

Sweetheart, honor your craft. Do it for you.


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