Dear Heartbroken Melanie – You Are Forever Untamed

* Written by Melanie Glassford for YettiSays 8th Annual Self-Love Month | “Shedding Layers” Post Series

Dear Heartbroken Melanie,

You feel like your world is shattered. You sense a dark cloud hovering above you, stealing every last ounce of your sunshine. You cry yourself to sleep every single night, and not just solitary tears trickling down your cheeks. You cry full-body sobs. #TRIGGERED becomes your avoidant catch-phrase, effectively side-stepping emotional breakdowns in broad daylight… you learn quickly that something is lurking around every corner, eagerly waiting with a devilish grin, to remind you of all you have lost.

I write to you now to let you know this one undeniable, indisputable, and freeing Truth. The only thing you lost was a life that was not meant for you, encased in a horribly selfish, relentlessly dishonest, and incredibly lost… boy. I’ll share with you that he is beyond irrelevant now – so irrelevant that when you learn very recently that he married the other woman he left you for, your first and only thought is, Man, I wish I had their address to send her a ‘Thank You’ card.

You see, during the fallout, you were fixated on all that you lost. Meanwhile, I am currently living and thriving in the creation of all that we gained. Since we’ve never been a fan of spoilers, I’ll let you live and bask in the beauty of your world as it unfolds in real time. Just know it’s real… and it’s really beautiful.

I’m writing this, trying to reason why I can so confidently say that you gained so much more than you lost? And it quickly hits me. I’m seeing our world through a completely different lens. Your world is not shattered… anymore.

Honestly, your world is so unbroken that when I think about instilling some wisdom upon you to help you through this heartbreak faster and easier, I stop myself. If you navigate any part of it any differently, will we end up exactly here? Because I wouldn’t trade here for anything.

So instead, I’ll affirm you in the depths of your sorrow. Cry your heart out. Get closure, say your final goodbyes. Cry some more. But also, get up every day and choose yourself. Lovingly collect those shattered pieces you see and carefully craft them into something far more magnificent than what existed before. [Okay, spoiler alert: This is exactly what you did, so please don’t change a thing].

I feel like dancing every day within your vision, as clouded as it may be right now. It manifested into a beautiful and symbolic piece of art… one that reminds me every day, that nothing and no one can take from you, that which is meant for you.

You are and will remain…
Forever untamed.

Melanie, Writer + Blogger, Untamed Melodies
CEO + Editor, Untamed Creative & Co. (Launching soon!)
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