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Dear Ambitious Woman


This is for the woman clinging onto the corporate ladder: Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight or push deeper. Make suggestions, ask for that fucking raise and for heaven’s sake, take credit for you work. EMBRACE the credit. Stop placing barriers around your goals and dreams because some fool has told you to (indirectly or directly). Stop adhering to societies bullshit standards, they no longer play an influence. We cut down our objectives, tailor them to something suitable and acceptable, and begrudgingly work towards them while missing out on that feeling of fulfillment. And that feeling of fulfillment? Of success? You deserve to feel that every day. It’s not exclusive to any person, gender, or race.

This is for the woman that believes in something unconventional: Be the pioneer. Set the trend. Or simply, embrace not fitting in.

This is for the woman who is fueled by them telling her no: Who gon’ stop you, boo?

This is  for the woman who got a late state: Keep going. Whatever it is that you’re aiming for? Keep going. It’s not too big to deal with. It’s not impossible to get there. It’s not too late to begin. And it sure enough is not too advanced, or too complicated. It’s needed. You need it. So keep pushing.

This is for the woman dedicated to her craft: Master it. Then teach it.

This for the woman who is a dreamer: Don’t be afraid of your big ideas or your overwhelming opportunities. I know sometimes the thoughts of “Is this possible?” or “Can I do this?” run through your mind. You question if you’re doing too much, thinking too broadly, and sometimes, just sometimes, the urge to take over the world disappears. Don’t let it. You can do it. You will do it. And you’ll do so because of your passion for it. You’ll do so because your passion will drive you to educate yourself on it, find ways to build it or create it and this very same passion will aid you in pushing it through the door.

This is for the woman that has an urge to be something and do something phenomenal in the world. It’s for the woman that has doubts and fears, yet still moves forward anyway. Do you believe in dreaming big? Yes? This is for you too. This is for the woman that doesn’t just speak about it, she does it. It’s for the woman that wants more than to just succeed at her jobs or hobbies. This is for the woman that wants to fucking own it! It’s for the woman that embraces her uncertainties, and turns them into motivation.

Your sleepless nights will pay off. Your rough drafts will not go to waste. Your long hours will not go unnoticed. You will feel tired, you will feel deprived, and you may even temporarily lose touch with the world but you have to keep going and believing. You don’t need to think like a man to do all you want to accomplish. Think like your fucking self. Not everyone is cut out for this. Not everyone is built with such ambition, or drive. You have everything that you need right now to make the decision to be great, to be a go getter. You have your passion. Don’t be confused, you can not do this all on your own. Make connections. Share knowledge. Put in the work.

You’ve got this.



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