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  1. You’ve got this year in the bag honey! Trust! I’m sending nothing but good vibes, prayers, and blessings your way.

    Oh, and please bring me to Nigeria with you! I thought I was going to be able to go this year, but life whacked me up side the head so that’s been cancelled. But if you’re doing 2019-ish..

    And please let me know when the brunch is!

  2. “Some of it is really simple… such as my gut and my instincts telling me, “this shit is not for you.” So instead of ignoring those feelings, I want to try to adhere to them. And by adhering to them, I’m hoping I can live my best life this year.” .. I seen this late but I just had a moment at my desk and my colleague prayed over me. My heart is broken all over again and until this “I want there to be less saying “yes” to shit I really want to say “no” to. Because sometimes it’s not about the mental health, and all about me simply not wanting to do it. There should be less forcing myself to be social or maintain certain connections, because it honestly just might be an incompatibility, and why force a relationship? Let’s reduce the number of societal impacts, because let’s face it, I really am not interested in fitting in.”…. It’s hard but this too shall pass. I’m 29 in a couple weeks and it’s time to live my BEST life.

    Thank you always Yetti