Day 8: Saving Face


What is a lie you have told to save face? If the same situation presented itself today, would you still tell the lie?

Um, [ nervous laughs ]… why is GG doing this to me…

“No, I just don’t think we’re compatible.”

But the truth is, I was scared. I don’t think I’ve had a man this interested in me. Ever. I give every man I begin to get close with this excuse, or at least some variation of it. Since younger I have always kind of been extremely apprehensive about relationships, and it’s been so much worse post heartbreak in 2011.

But MG had done everything right. He was successful. He was romantic. He was appreciative. He was successful. Most importantly, he was so patient. But all of that just wasn’t enough for me to get over that hump, so I lied. And then convinced myself this lie was true. And then began to build a case upon it until I finally pushed him way. Santa Monica, away.



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