Day 5: My Representative


Your representative is a mask you wear or a front you put on to keep up an image that is not authentically you. How is your representative (past or present) different than the real you? Why did you (or do you) feel that she was necessary?


To my family, I hid everything. I let them in so rarely, I believe that is why I am so independent now. My representative was smiley face yetti, until faking the smiles became painful and pointless.

To friends (the college years), my representative was the bitch. Her motto? “Can’t let them know you care. Can’t let them know you give a fuck.” I didn’t want to be confused for weak. I never wanted to accept failure. You were going to respect this hurt soul, by any means necessary.


[Tweet “Why send a rep out into the world to do what only I can do?”]

What you see, is what you get. I’m not ashamed to show the world I am compassionate, sometimes vulnerable, and loving. I feel no need to demand for respect by being cold and rigid, I now have other means of doing so. Phenomenal Yetti is not an alter ego, it’s not a facade. It is me. Every inch of me is phenomenal. I’m phenomenal because I have declared it as the truth. My personality? All the bits and pieces that come with it? That  is me. I no longer search for hiding places or unleash what I have to offer piece by piece to different audiences. Phenomenal Yetti is a packaged deal stuffed with all things sarcastic, ambitious, intelligent, and frank. It’s wrapped in all things girly, comedic, and damn right ruthless. Tied together with a ribbon made of independence and determination. That is me.

Why send a rep out into the world to do what only I can do?


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