Day 5: A Day In The Life


5:15AM : First alarm goes off. Turn that shit off and roll back over to sleep

5:30AM : Second alarm goes off, and I begin my day with a meditation followed by 15 mins of positive affirmations… Yes. I do this.

6:12AM : Head out to the gym. More like run to the subway

7:30AM : Begin the process of the getting dressed for work at the gym

8:00AM :  Grab breakfast from the cafe:  eggs, veggies and turkey bacon / fruit, yogurt & granola / [cheat meal] bagel with butter and jelly.

8:30AM – 6:00PM :  Catch up on work emails . Meetings. Lunch. Meetings

  • Catch up on emails from my offshore team and international partners
  • Put out any immediate fires.
  • Attend meetings or conference calls.
  • Work on tasks and projects on my plate
  • Harass my work wife and big brother T. Chat with mentor and JWo
  • At some point make my gratitude list- leaves me in a good mood.
  • Check gchats, groupmes, text, and an occasional twitter break

6:00PM : Commute home, but not before running a few errands or picking up a few groceries.

6:45PM : Dinner time, catch up on emails, beginning blog prepping, brainstorming, writing while socializing

8:00PM : Watch a few T.V shows (T.V. nights with my roomie 🙂 ) / Blog / Work on side projects / Project meetings

11:30PM : 3 nights a week I stay up late to work on projects, but if this isn’t a late night I’d begin winding down with meditation, a few affirmations, and head to bed. My late nights? I begin tackling my never ending to-do list of tasks for Certified 10 or the Network… with a few azonto dancing breaks that happen between 12:00AM and 2:00AM.

I’m pretty boring… but I do my best to stick to a routine that keeps my sanity.




  1. where do you get that planner? the one with the to-do list and the month tabs? I want it!

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