Day 22: Metaphor


Decide on a visual image to be a symbol of your peace and success.  When you see this symbol, let it be a reminder of how far you have come, how grateful you are presently and the infinite possibilities to come.  What is the meaning of this symbol for you and how does it represent your journey?  (My symbol is the sunflower because it has a big head (like me) and it always leans toward the light.)

Bougie / Bourgeois / Uppity – all things I am called.

“You speak like a white girl,” / “Why so proper?” / “Must you annunciate everything?” – All things I have heard this week.

My symbol is a crown. After asking multiple people in my office what reminds them of me, the general consensus was a crown. Around this time last year, one of my vice-presidents dubbed me as, Princess Yetti. “It’s the way you carry yourself,” she said before they eventually changed my name tag as an office joke.

I was offended at first. When I call someone “princess” it’s usually cloaked in sarcasm, and it’s towards someone that is exhibiting spoiled behavior. I’m called bourgeois by this one person almost weekly and it’s never in a positive way. But as I continued to hear the term and observe some of the other people that receive this same label, I’m no longer as bothered by it.

I’ve noticed it’s because I like nice things. It’s because sometimes I take a taxi. It’s because I’d rather a 1-bedroom, than a box of a studio. It’s not because I can afford these items [ which I can’t all the time ] but simply because I  like nice things or simply because I want more in quality. And since I like these “nice” things, people assume that I think I am better than them or that I look down on things that are none name-brand, non-fancy, or non-high end.

I refuse to see this as a negative thing anymore.

This “crown” represents that I am me, that I only want the best for myself, and that I will continue to strive for the best. The best is what I deserve.



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