Day 16: Outside of the Box


Write about something you’ve been wanting to do that people don’t expect from you.   Perhaps a repressed dream or goal that you haven’t shared with anyone. Something that will take you out of your comfort zone and expose a different side of you to others.  Write about the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. 

I come off very “safe”. I like to have things in order, I can plan like no other, and most of the time I tip toe into the danger / uncomfortable zone instead of jumping into the risk.

I also tend to take big risks without people knowing until I have done it. I’m in the process of doing this now, and it’s so much harder than I thought it would be seeing as I am doing it with no support and the potential for failure is oh so high (nervous laugh), but I realized a month or two ago that I needed to at least try, for the sake of my happiness and sanity.

What was holding me back?

I think the fear of things not going as planned and people’s opinions.


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