Day 12: Praise Someone



I don’t think anyone will ever understand the dynamics of me, you and dee, but I’m going to try and give them a glimpse of why we’re soulmates. All three of us bring a different flavor to our wildly entertaining triangle of east coast meets west coast love. You see, you have a certain essence about you. It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s colorful and it’s positive. Your ability to remain true to your wants and needs is astounding, and your strength that keeps you smiling in the toughest of situations is admirable. I know you’re probably thinking why would I choose you… [actually no, you’re probably thinking “yes… go on,” but I digress], you hardly let me down. We have arguments, we both fuck up, but you redeem yourself, you show you care, you show me my errors and you never ever choose to give up on “us”. They always say, no one will love you like your family will, but you proved this statement wrong our freshman year. And as the years have gone by, you my friend have been my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. Without hesitation or doubt it’s, “You’ll do it, I know you will.” You’re one of my prime examples of what it looks like to know and understand your potential, & to be completely comfortable in one’s skin. And though I joke all the time about how bourgeois and tardy you are, I honestly wouldn’t have you any other way.

So here is my praise to you Deli, from your biggest fan.



  1. Awwww…. I love this and yes I was def thinking “go on”. Lol… you know me well. And I’ll always be your biggest fan!!

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