Day 10: Defining Life Moment


The conversation began with a “Hey Yetti, how are things?”, and ended with what I perceived at the time as a hard stop on my plans to move to New York. For months I had been applying to jobs, rewriting resumes and cover letters and saying prayers to all God’s and the universe. I wanted this move more than anything, especially at that very point in time. But in order for me to move, it had to be safe, it had to be planned out, it had to avoid all crazy risks.

When I realized I was being overlooked for interviews because my address was in Rhode Island, I worked up the courage to ask my boss if I could work from NYC. Seeing as I worked from home whenever I felt like it anyways, I figured he’d be okay with the idea.  I even offered to commute into Rhode Island 3 or 4 times a week. The initial answer was yes, and then here we were, a week later with different point of view.

I called out of work the next day, I needed to time sit and think about what had happened. I spent the day trying to convince myself that staying in Rhode Island wouldn’t be that bad. I made lists, looked up things to do that would “excite me”, I tried just about everything. Through out the year and the year before I had slowly began preparing for this move, you know,  just in case I needed to quit and do it… an option I didn’t want to do… at all. In fact, I saved about $20,000 prior to this move… and still didn’t make the leap.

The thought of being jobless, with no support scared me.

That evening I logged onto twitter and did my typical search on the keyword “NYC”. As I browsed the results, I came across a tweet – “I need a roommate in NYC, I’m moving from Cali,” which eventually lead me to perusing the author’s timeline. She was hilarious, she was pretty and what- she worked for Google? I don’t know why I did, but I tweeted her back, said I was looking for a roommate too (which I wasn’t) and that’s how I met my first roommate in NYC. We spoke over the week, googled, facebooked, and e-stalked each other to make sure we were both legit. The following Friday, we met in NYC, we apartment hunted all weekend, we secured an apt and in two weeks we moved in together.

I share this story because it was probably the first time I had kind of understood the terms “Speak it into existence”. Now, two years later I fully understand it.  It’s not simply speaking it into existence, it’s making sure your actions match those words, thoughts, & goals you’re affirming. Everything needs to be aligned. Let your words be the catalyst to getting everything else aligned.

Not only that, it was the first time I actually took a risk. I decided to ignore my bosses wishes, pack my shit and move anyways… something I toyed with doing for months. I’ll admit that it wasn’t until I was sexually assaulted did I feel the sudden urgency to move,  but honest to goodness it was my boss telling me no, that forced me to kind of think out of the box and take a chance on something I really wanted. Up until that point it all seemed too difficult, too risky, and so far fetched.  As cliche as it sounds, as soon as I decided that I needed to move, that I didn’t care, everything just fell into place.

The day after I moved to New York City, I got an interview. Three days after that… I got the job.




  1. Yetti! Thank you for writing this I’m currently going through something similar. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I loveeee what you’ve done to the site, Miss Vit Y! hahahaaa… sooo good! Catchy, even. I’ve missed you. In either case, thanks for sharing this story, because I am in a similar situation and damn girl you’re brave! You didn’t let fear get a hold of you. I so deeply admire that. Anywho, I have a lot of catching up to do on your site, but saw this post first (for some reason) and started reading. Alright, darling. Make it a great day! 🙂


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