Day 1: Start. Stop. Continue


A few weeks ago I decided to join in on GG Renee’s month long Self-Discovery challenge. Being the huge self love advocate that I am, I figured this would be yet another great exercise to help me along my self love journey. Not to mention GG’s words have always been a shining light when I’ve most needed them.  She’s full of such positivity. A bright and beautiful soul with so much to share.

To find more of the details of the challenge, click here. To experience GG for yourselves, click here.


start: attending more networking events . asking for what I deserve within corporate America . start exploring other creative outlets . working on the big dreams that scare the shit out of me .

stop: procrastinating . self deprecating behaviors . obsessing over my weight . using the phrase “I can’t” . over extending myself for others . playing it safe .

continue: growing . exploring new opportunities . celebrating my successes . making connections . avoiding all negativity .


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