Currently – June 24

The Stats

Time: 06:34 A.M.
Feeling: Emotionally? Joyful. At Peace. EXCITED. Physically? Stuffed lol.
Eating / Drinking: Ginger Tea.
Watching / Listening to: Gala Darling High Vibe Honey.
Missing: Aaliyah. Aunty is going to come and play this week!
Wishing: For everyone to have the support system that I have. So grateful for my circle!
Should Be Doing: What I’m doing, getting orders ready to ship.
Reading:  “You Are The One” – Kute Blackson.
Talking to: Myself.
Plotting: Logo for client. Must. Be. Creative.
Anticipating: This weekend.
Loving: Mr. Smith for pushing me on my goals. I’m listening babe, I swear!


What I’m F*cking With Right Now:

I think every woman when she turns 28-30 becomes a mad woman about her skin. I do get quite a bit of questions on my skincare regimen, and I am absolutely no professional but I do have a few staples and tips that make a difference to my skin. Over the last few years I’ve come to learn that my skin doesn’t care too much for manual scrubs and exfoliants, so I’ve made the transition to using certain acids and peels to renew her (yes, my skin is her.)

My three staple products right now are:

Toner: Ren – Ready, Set, Glow – AHA Tonic – Listen to me. You need a toner in your life. YOU NEED ONE. Simply washing your face does not remove all the dirt and make-up. Follow up your face wash with a toner, and see how that cotton pad exposes everything you have missed! I really enjoy Ren’s Ready, Set, Glow line because I currently have an obsession with even-toned, glowy skin. It smells great, but it is not a heavy fragrance, and it does what it says it does: Helps to even out my hyper-pigmented skin, while revealing my glow. 

Essence: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – I honestly just stole this from Jackie Aina. I use an essence prior to using my serums because they are said to “prepare” your skin for the serums and creams to come after. So far? It’s working. SK-II is super gentle, has no scent, and even when applied on it’s own, it leaves my skin feeling bouncy and hydrated.

Serum: Keihl’s Hydro-plumping, Re-texturizing Serum – Look, who doesn’t want to reserve their youthfulness. This product was gifted to me, and though I do think this is better suited for dry skin, I enjoy how soft and supple it makes my skin feel.

Again, I am a bit of a skincare junky, so my rotation does change a bit, but for summer? I think I’ve found my routine with these products!


The Goals


This Week

  • Prep content calendar for next month.
  • Work with client on her new website.
  • Stick to my intermittent fasting schedule.
  • EFT Tapping 4 times this week.
  • Figure out LA trip in September.
  • Return things to ASOS, Express, & Victoria Secrets.
  • Four day gym week.
  • Finalize affirmations.



Last Week





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