Currently – 11/28

Time: 12:50 PM.
Feeling: Over it.
Eating / Drinking: Black Coffee because I can’t sugar because the after thanksgiving “bloat” is so very real.
Listening to: White noise.
Missing: #theoneandonlynugget. SHE’S SO DAMN CUTE.
Wishing: I could clearly make a decision on this next step.
Should be doing: Work. Ha…
Reading: Nothing at the moment
Thinking: Why isn’t it 5PM yet?!
Talking to: No one.
Current affirmation: [An oldie but a goodie] But who will stop me? [and] What is best for me will never surpass me.
Plotting: Certified 10 Workshop return.
Anticipating: Wednesday, 9:00 P.M. exactly.

[Tweet “What is best for me will never surpass me”]

New Video Update – Birthday Reflection

I know, I know, it’s a little late! I recorded this during my trip to Atlanta earlier in November, because the hotel room lighting was perfect! Just a reflection on the four things I learned this year from business risks to falling in love.

I tried to keep it short, I apologize for the slight rambles!

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  1. You should definitely skydive! LOL! I’m so excited about what you have in store. You make me want to vlog. I just love your voice.

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