Currently – October 31


Affirmation of the Week

[Tweet “I breathe in serenity, and exhale the chaos. Peace is mine.”]


The Stats

Time: 11:19 P.M.
Feeling: Tired. Anxious. Cranky.
Eating / Drinking: Tequila with Orange Juice
Watching / Listening to: Wizkid – Pakuromo
Missing: Peacefulness. Soon come!
Wishing: For blessings for this next journey.
Should Be Doing: Blog post. A different one.
Reading:  “Super Attractor” – Gabby Bernstein
Thinking: I can’t wait to get off this airplane.
Talking to: No one.
Plotting: November’s posts and surprises.
Anticipating: Sleep.
Loving: Mr. Smith. My friends and family.


What I’m F*cking With Right Now:

Deep breathing. Yes. Deep breathing. 3 weeks ago, I experienced a panic attack that was completely out of my control. According to my therapist, there are two different anxiety attacks: one that stems from your thoughts and another that is purely physical. When I say physical, I mean that the anxious thoughts are completely skipped, and your body begins to go straight into an attack. That was the type of attack I had a few weeks ago.

The only way to combat the latter anxiety attack is by relaxing your body. Relax your body, you relax your mind. Cue the deep-breathing. Choosing to breathe deeply through my stomach and not my chest has done more than simply control my anxiety. It calms me down, helps me dive into a deep meditation, and allows me to slow down my thoughts.

9 Days Uncensored

Every year at the beginning of November, I try and complete 9 days worth of uncut journaling and blogging. Tomorrow is day one and I’m super excited to be back in this space, writing, being real, and for the next 9 days, being completely uncensored. Are you ready?

The Goals


This Week

  • Find a new gym.
  • Complete blog list.
  • Finalize launch details for new affirmation cards launching.
  • Enjoy this little break.
  • Send Bestie mailings
  • Interact more on Social Media



Last Week

  • TBA



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  1. I’ve never really thought about or tried deep breathing or even meditation, for the most part, but my neurologist is worried about my blood pressure & has suggested these as ways to try to regulate myself, so… looks like it’s time to try!

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