Currently – May 7

Current Mantra / Affirmation

[Tweet “I accept me wholly. I accept me each and every time.“]

I think this happens with age. The older I get, the less I give a shit about fitting into the mold of what everyone else doing. Now if only I’d let it be, without questioning the motives of my “I don’t give a shit” moves. Balance, I suppose.


The Stats

Time: 5:48 A.M.
Feeling: Tired. Haven’t had consistent sleep in two weeks and it’s starting to fuck with me.
Eating / Drinking: Nada because my Aunty Sade has convinced me to try intermittent fasting with her. So I shall have my first meal at 10 A.M. If I make it.
Watching / Listening to: Mr. Smith snore. Through the walls.
Missing: Again. Alone time. So much that I am now planning a solo vacation because my mental health kind of needs it.
Wishing: I didn’t eat like complete trash yesterday!
Should Be Doing: Leaving for the gym. Give me a few more minutes.
Reading: Still taking a break.
Thinking: Today will be a good week, I just need to allow it to be. Right?
Talking to: Myself.
Plotting: This week, in my planner, because guidance and lists are what my confused mind needs right about now.
Anticipating: Today, actually. I feel good about today!
Loving: PEACHES for this Saturday of straight laughs and resetting.


The Goals


This Week

  • Get back on schedule with the blog.
  • Finish editing and schedule newsletter.
  • Minimize time on twitter this week.
  • Redo budget to reflect the solo trip.
  • Narrow down a timeframe and location for my solo trip.
  • Work on season two vision.
  • Send out invites for shower.
  • Secure Bachelorette locations.
  • Put together anxiety post + video.



Last Week

  • Stick to my planned meals! – I did it!!! I just wish the planned meals included the weekend too. But there is always this week!
  • Schedule Newsletter – Didn’t get to this. To busy still editing the damn thing.
  • Journal More – Didn’t journal at all.
  • Work on Certified 10 website – Logged into it for the first time in two years… does that count?
  • Work on Mr. Smith’s website – Didn’t do this either.
  • Draft out script and vision for Season 2 – Half done.
  • Check in on 30 by 30 list! – Checked in! I’m not too far off!

2/7 – Yikes




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  1. This may be weird, but I think I may be more excited for your solo trip like it’s a trip for me. LOL! You’ve made me revisit my notepad to try and finish my guide for solo trips. :birdman handrub:

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