Currently – May 14

(written yesterday, posted today)

Current Mantra / Affirmation

[Tweet “My mental health is my number one priority.“]

I have been on the go lately and haven’t had much time for myself to reset and recuperate. With everything going on, I know that after this last event in July, no one will have access to my ass for a very long time. I am very good at making time for others, but terrible at doing the same for me. And it showed last week, when I spent most of my evenings in bed as soon as I got in from work. Friday morning, out of frustration, I booked myself a solo trip … to be alone and unreachable. Drastic I know, and my anxiety is on high now that I can’t back out of it. But it was needed, and I will do it and be okay.

It will be forced Yetti time.

The Stats

Time: 07:53 P.M.
Feeling: Exhausted. Hungry. Frustrated. AKA Moody as fuck.
Eating / Drinking: Nothing, this is the problem.
Watching / Listening to: Watching “Black Love.”
Missing: McDonalds. Papa Johns. Cheesecake Factory. Olive Garden. Barcelona’s. Ben & Jerry’s.
Wishing: I could eat EVERYTHING.
Should Be Doing: Editing my next video.
Reading: Nada!
Thinking: I’m going to explode if I do not eat junk food RIGHT NOW.
Talking to: Boyfriend.
Plotting: How to calm down these cravings. How to record more videos. How to plan my trip.
Anticipating: My solo trip!
Loving: Meh


The Goals


This Week

  • Record two more videos.
  • Find outfit for Minority Achievers banquet.
  • POST my newsletter.
  • Create Bridal Shower to-do list and share with Bridesmaids and Bride’s Mama.
  • Redo 5 year plan.
  • Finish up new blog series.
  • Create new business cards.
  • Gym 4 times this week.
  • Finish editing 40 days of working out video.



This Week

  • Get back on schedule with the blog. – Think I’ve done it.
  • Finish editing and schedule newsletter. – Nope. Not scheduled.
  • Minimize time on twitter this week. – Done!
  • Redo budget to reflect the solo trip. – Done!
  • Narrow down a timeframe and location for my solo trip. – PURCHASED IT!
  • Work on season two vision. – In midst of it now!
  • Send out invites for shower. – List was never provided to me -___-
  • Secure Bachelorette locations. – Not done.
  • Put together anxiety post + video. – Done!

6/9- whoop whoop




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  1. Working on a new 5-year plan is definitely something I need to tackle soon. Reading your post really made me think about how mine is outdated since I’ve achieved all that was there except one thing. (my master’s >,<) I'm planning to incorporate that into my self-care routine this weekend, perhaps on tomorrow. Because honey TODAY, today is all for me to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I make SURE to have at least 1-2 of "Nothing Days" a month. LOL!

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