Currently – Mar 26

The Stats

Time: 11:26 A.M.
Feeling: Exhausted. Got back home yesterday, and I am drained!
Eating / Drinking: Water. Because rum and coke aren’t easily accessible anymore.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing
Missing: My NSBE babies! And the Omni hotel because they know how to treat a woman.
Wishing: I could go back to sleep. Me so tired. But today is going to be a good day. I’m claiming it.
Should Be Doing: Reviewing all the emails I missed being out of office.
Reading: Nada, give me a week. I’ll be back on it.
Thinking: I need to buckle down and review my resume, and do some follow ups damn it. NSBE, thank you for the kick in the ass.
Talking to:  Tyra – Ze Work Wife.
Plotting: YettiSays and Certified 10. Merchandise and events!
Anticipating: Sleep. Tonight. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.
Loving: Cath – Because this mini trip was hilarious and just what I needed. Greg – Reunited and it feels so good.

The Goals


This Week

  • Take the plunge and post the weight loss post.
  • Email Tas the details for C10 stuff. FOR REAL THIS TIME!
  • Meal prep and hit my 4 day workout week.
  • Get back on schedule with the blogging.
  • Plan out April’s content calendar.
  • Secure bridal shower location.
  • Reach out to a contributors for new series. (Men Says coming back!)
  • Record Q&A video
  • Secure Hawaii hotel / resort.
  • Do my damn taxes.



Last Week

  • Pack sensibly for the conference. – Depends on what you deem as sensible. But I was under 45lbs!
  • Stop the binge eating. It’s not cute. You have goals, Yetti. – Yeap.
  • Take the plunge and post the weight loss post. – This week, I swear!
  • Schedule out posts for the week. (majority of my social media posts are scheduled.) – Done.
  • Email Tas the details for C10 stuff. FOR REAL THIS TIME! – Fuck. I forgot!
  • Get in two workouts before I leave for Pittsburgh, and one at the conference. – Does sex count? No? Okay :(.
  • Plan out Mr. Smith’s birthday: Book hotel and flights. – Found the hotel, now for flights.
  • Do homework assignment from therapist. – Complete!
  • Plan out mental health series for YS. – Complete!
  • Secure restaurant for the brunch. – Damn, this week for sure.

5/10 – meh


Current Mantra / Affirmation

“I appreciate my body and I will treat it with love and care in it’s current state.”

Losing weight is hard. Remaining positive throughout the journey is even harder. I put a lot of pressure on the end result, and even hold out on doing certain things until I reach the “end”.

But there will never be an end, because a weight-loss journey should be a lifestyle change, and when you’ve finally hit a point where you’re satisfied with the changes happening in your body, you then need to maintain it. So depriving myself until I get to the “finish line” is kind of pointless, not to mention I’m missing out on living in the process. So today I’m making a concious decision with the help of my trainer and therapist to enjoy the now… even if my thighs still touch (don’t you just hate that?!0


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