Currently – Jan 16

The Stats

Time: 09:02 A.M.
Feeling: A little defeated. Ate like trash last night 🙁
Eating / Drinking: Peach Tea.
Watching / Listening to: Youtube
Missing: My self-discipline. Baby come back!
Wishing: The week was over, already over this work-week.
Should Be Doing: Planning out a summit. I’ll get to it.
Reading: Just finished Becoming by Michelle Obama. Moving onto Work-Party by Jaclyn Johnson.
Thinking: I need to get my fucking hair done.
Talking to: Nobody.
Plotting: YettiSays Anniversary Month (Next month!!!!)
Anticipating: Brunch Event with Karen Civil as the speaker this Sunday.
Loving: My growth.


The Goals


This Week

  • Clean office. Like actually do it.
  • Continue tracking my daily habits and routines.
  • Aim for a 4 or 5 day work out week.
  • Figure out my hair for the brunch.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Write out “Love letter” #1 and 2
  • Figure out categories for MSLT
  • Begin baby-shower plans (not mine)
  • Homework from couple’s therapy.



Last Week

  • Keep home office clean. – Failed.
  • Stick to tracking my daily habits and routines. – Doneee
  • Head to boot-camp 4 times this week. – Only did 3. Womp Womp
  • Drinks with Tyra! – This catch up was so needed.
  • Finish plans for YettiSays February. – Finished the plans, now just need to execute and get to writing!
  • Write (blog or journal) 5 times this week. – Did this too!
  • Work on MSL Teens. – Doneee




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