Currently – Jan 8


The Stats

Time: 12:30 P.M.
Feeling: Down. Not sure how else to put it. But I feel down.
Eating / Drinking: Apples.
Listening to: My electric heater. That I have hidden under my desk.
Missing: My joy.
Wishing: I liked my job. Yeah I said it. But I’m working on it.
Should Be Doing: Data points requirements.
Reading: Nothing. Need to get on that.
Thinking: I just need to make it a few hours.
Talking to: Ashley. Weight-loss accountability through work IM.
Plotting: Nothing. Sleep?
Anticipating: Warm weather. Please, Lord.
Loving: My bedroom. It’s so pretty!


The Goals

This Week
  • 5 day work out week
  • Stick to the healthy eating (no cheats)
  • Meal Prep on Sunday
  • Blog (Outside of the currently post)
  • More positive self-talk.
  • Find a new therapist
  • Find a new book to read
  • Get rid of the jetlag
Last Week
  • N/A


Current Mantra / Affirmation

“I can do this. I will do this”

Not sure if it’s the weather, or my inner bully has grown some balls, but I have been my own worst critic these passed few months. Everything I desire, I talk myself out of. Everything I want to pursue, I eventually avoid because self-doubt is a bitch. So this week’s affirmation is “I can do this,” because somewhere in my disheveled mind I believe this. Just need to keep reminding myself.


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