Currently – Jan 22

The Stats

Time: 03:02 P.M.
Feeling: Exhausted. Drained. And hopeful for what’s to come.
Eating / Drinking: Lemon Zinger Tea
Watching / Listening to: YouTube – The Men’s Club (Nigerian series)
Missing: Early 2016. Will be back to that kind of peace soon enough.
Wishing: I was a little more comfortable with this new hair.
Should Be Doing: A revamp on some training.
Reading:  Work-Party by Jaclyn Johnson.
Thinking: I need sleep. Maybe I should leave early, eh?
Talking to: Nobody.
Plotting: Some new structure in my life.
Anticipating: Therapy tonight.
Loving: That I know my worth.


The Goals


This Week

  • Clean and sage apartment.
  • Get back on track with my daily habits and routines.
  • Workout 3 to 4 times.
  • Stick to eating plan.
  • Book vacation.
  • Record a YouTube video



Last Week

  • Clean office. Like actually do it.
  • Continue tracking my daily habits and routines.
  • Aim for a 4 or 5 day work out week.
  • Figure out my hair for the brunch.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Write out “Love letter” #1 and 2
  • Figure out categories for MSLT
  • Begin baby-shower plans (not mine)
  • Homework from couple’s therapy.




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