Currently – Jan 15

The Stats

Time: 10:00 A.M.
Feeling: Sore, but content. Seasonal depression has been kicking my ass these few days. So I’m happy that today I didn’t wake up with heavy thoughts.
Eating / Drinking: Water.
Listening to: Sinead Harnett.
Missing: My bed.
Wishing: I could eat my lunch already. These Gauge Girl Training recipes are simple, but still fucking delish!
Should Be Doing: PowerPoint Presentation, but … yeah.
Reading: We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union.
Thinking: I don’t know how I’m going to do tomorrow’s work out, my arms are so sore!
Talking to: Catherine.
Plotting: Certified 10. WE’RE BACK, BABY!
Anticipating: My first therapy session tomorrow. It’s taken me a bit, but I’ve found a black therapist!
Loving: My determination. Hopefully it sticks around.

The Goals


This Week

  • 4 day work out week
  • Reorganize my make up drawers.
  • Meal Prep on Sunday
  • Finish depression blog-post.
  • Plan out D.C. trip
  • Contact C10 participants
  • Use my planner daily
  • Journal 3 times this week
  • Do a YouTube Video



Last Week

  • 5 day work out week – Complete. 5 days. 4 hours, 54 minutes. 2927 calories!
  • Stick to the healthy eating (no cheats) – I had bread, womp womp, but I fit it into my macros!
  • Meal Prep on Sunday – Meal prepped last night!
  • Blog (Outside of the currently post) – Blogged! But it wasn’t brand new…
  • More positive self-talk. – Every morning! Chant to myself in the car that I am enough!
  • Find a new therapist – Found one! First appointment tomorrow.
  • Find a new book to read – Did this too!
  • Get rid of the jetlag – Think this is sorted!


Current Mantra / Affirmation

“I’m embracing my struggle, because it makes me stronger!”

Words from Marilys! Everyone has their woe is me moments, and with spouts of seasonal depression, it honestly makes it feels 100 times worse. This week, I encourage you guys to join me in fighting the victim behavior. You’re no one victim. You are a survivor of this thing called life. And you’ll do battle for your joy, because your joy is worth it. Protect your joy and peace at all costs.

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